North Shore

Landscape Architecture Design Services for the new Northshore development on the north bank of the River Tees in Stockton. Our work has included three sub-projects:

//   Corporate landscape design for the Thirteen HQ building including landscape terraces down to the river frontage.

//   Riverside walk enhancement works

//   Feasibility study to better connect Northshore to Stockton Town Centre

The Thirteen HQ landscape provides a high quality contemporary arrival landscape with mixed grey paving aligned to the main entrance and raised planters filled with seasonal planting acting as a gateway. The rear courtyard, with views of the river and the Infinity Bridge, provides a spill out space form the café or an alternative meeting venue. From the courtyard landscape terraces step down to the riverside with seating integrated to ornamental planted areas. On the riverside we designed two bespoke benches to tie into Stocktons arts trail theme of the bridges, they reflect the Infinity Bridge in abstract form.  

The Riverside walk has been enhanced through a new natural coloured bound path, edged with setts to create a high quality feel. Working with our ecologist and the Environment Agency the riverside planting was thinned and replanted with native flowering plants to create an attractive natural river edge along the development. A section of overgrown shrub and woodland was selectively thinned and trees clear stemmed to create safe views for users and encourage pedestrians to use the riverside walk from Northshore to Stockton Town Centre.  

The feasibility study sought to create a pedestrian friendly crossing of the dual carriageway linking the riverside walk to the town centre. This has considered a number of options including:

//   Development of arrival gateway landscapes for the riverside and the new hotel development site.

//   Creating attractive, safe and accessible routes to the riverside and Northshore from the town centre

//   Changing pedestrian crossings configurations over the dual carriageway to provide pedestrian friendly welcoming routes

//   Reconfiguring the car park to provide a safe accessible route through the car park

//   Integrating performance areas into the stepped and ramped access routes

Thirteen Headquarters Shortlisted for Constructing Excellence NE Award 2015



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