Harton Primary School, Gateshead

Provision of new primary school building and associated external educational and circulation area on the site of the existing school as part of the STaG BSF programme.  

Harton Primary School has a roll of 630 pupils, a 52 place Nursery and 96 members of staff and of particular concern were the existing access difficulties. The residents and parents cars congested the area and when coupled with pupil pedestrians, safety of all road users was a great concern.  The vehicular and pedestrian zoning and circulation was one of the key drivers to the site layout. The new road system, parking areas and drop off zone have alleviated these issues.

The aim of the external hard works proposals was to create a nurturing ambience that is functional, easy to maintain and robust.  The playgrounds and classroom gardens incorporate seating, planting and landform features that maximise the potential for teaching and learning within the school grounds and encourage open ended creative play.

The use of colour, form and texture throughout the site create a strong landscape structure, while planting has been used to increase site biodiversity and provide a comfortable and natural setting for the new school.

The landscape proposals create a clear visual identity for the school that compliments and works with the architectural statement and functioning of the building.  Working together to create links between the internal and external learning environments, the landscape and building create a strong sense of place and the whole campus has become an educational facility.


Gateshead Council / Carillion Plc





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