The Wilderness Worke at Grosvenor Square

Working closely with engineers from Arup, Colour developed visionary proposals for this international design completion.

Our ‘Wilderness Worke’ concept draws together nearly 300 years of design thinking into a unique multilevel square without comparison globally.

As a destination with appeal to all generations throughout the year it would not only provide the impetus for rebranding and reimagining of the Grosvenor Estate, but also offer a green stepping stone that would encourage further green routes between the green spaces of the West End of London.

A ten point strategy was developed for the square:

1. Connecting of the square into the surrounding urban fabric with 4 corner gateways that promote active transport;
2. Opening up of the square visually and to public access including 4 diagonal paths from the 4 corners;
3. Reduction of traffic around the square;
4. Reinforcement of the ‘Ovall’ as a primary circulatory path around the square;
5. Focal iconic structure of 12 tilted ovals;
6. Central floodable and programmable performance and play space, sunken cafe and pavilion;
7. Major planting exercise of biodiverse shrubs, bulbs, grasses, rain gardens and strengthening the pattern of existing trees, all of which are retained;
8. Weaving ‘Wilderness Walks’ through the trees;
9. Existing memorials become ‘found’ artefacts within the park;
10. The entire public realm has a secondary use as events, activity and fitness infrastructure.


Grosvenor Estate (competition brief)

Project Team

Colour, Arup, Equals, Produce


Grosvenor Square, Mayfair, London


Competition Submission

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