Chafford Hundred PRS

The key landscape has been designed as a series of garden spaces featuring two new squares. The streets and paths between the public areas and the gardens have been set out to enable the residents to feel ownership of the landscape. Trees line the major routes in and around the site and dense, layered planting creates year round interest. Where possible, walls will be greened with climbing plants and interesting boundary treatments.

There are two key landscape spaces in the development: 'Formal Lawn' and 'Garden Square'. The first key space, 'Formal Lawn', features a distinctive central water feature surrounded by a large, expansive lawn. The formal lawn is enclosed on all sides by trees and glimpsed views will make a semi-private area for people to meet and relax. An adjacent, dedicated, play area will allow parents to supervise play from the Formal Lawn. The second key space, the 'Garden Square', will feature a simple pavilion that will encourage year round use. The Garden Square will also be surrounded by trees and layered planting as well as the incorporation of distinctive, ovsersized, steps which can be used for seating.

The materials and planting are very important for the project. As far as possible the whole site is to be shared surface. This is to allow people to take priority over vehicles and create a more intimate experience. The key landscape spaces will be slightly raised and stone steps with distinctive lighting will be incorporated around the perimeter of each square. Stone planters will be planted with seasonal planting for year round colour and interest.


Criterion Capital Limited

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