Kaaki Spiritual Resort, Makkah

The development of the landscape and public realm strategy for HKR Architects' 800,000m2 major phased hospitality development designed to house 40,000 guests at a time. The complex is situated 3km south west of Masjid-al-Haram, the site of one of Islam's holiest places. The project includes two-level focal public space, broad cross-axial walkways and incidental spaces that connect to semi-private courtyards. The design is founded upon creating a setting for the expression and practise of faith, outdoor eating, passive cooling in the public realm and successful handling of the logistics of people movement in what would be the largest single hotel in the world. 


Yousef Abdul Latif Jameel Group

Project Team

HKR Architects, Morgan Tucker, Derby Designs, AON, WME Consultants


Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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